About me / London Infographics:

I am a digital vector illustrator and graphic designer. Since 2009 I have worked on Illustration contract bookings at 27 plus agencies in London and the South East. I have made contributions to projects winning multiple awards and I was nominated for a YunoJuno freelancer award in the design category 2015.

I have also worked directly with 45 plus clients in London, the South East, Manchester and the US. These projects have ranged from illustration to infographics, graphic design, and creative direction including concepts and scamping. During this time I have developed my skills in project management and client liaison with proven delivery, gaining multiple direct bookings.

I have now worked on a total of 72 plus commercial projects for separate clients and agencies. If you have a particular project in mind please do not hesitate to contact me, I may be able to email you samples that fully match.